Media projects continue

I’m not doing that well on getting our tapes switched over to DVD’s. To be honest, I haven’t even transferred any more since I did the first ones. I have the really cool  media set up and everything and you would think that I’d be just ready to go wouldn’t you? Well I’m not sure what I’m doing with all my time, but the clock is ticking and I better get them done. We want to have a movie night when we have all the Kuehner’s over this spring and these tapes are what we will be watching. I guess I just need to set aside a day and not worry about anything else. Maybe next weekend?

But I did get something accomplished this week. I was able to get 2 more photo books done for William. I’ve decided that I’d make photo books that you can make off the internet for all his musicals and plays that he’s been in.  I’ve got a total of 5 books finished so far and that is a good job done! But it can seem a little overwhelming at times. He’s been in these plays and musicals since elementary grade and now that he’s a senior.. it kind of adds up. So I’ve got a couple more books that I want to do and I’m setting my goal for them to get all done by mid February. It’s kind of aggressive – but I found out that I need to set a goal otherwise my projects just seem to get lost and never done! When I’m done with the photo books, then on to making scrapbooks from his school years. I have the years split out and just ready for me to work on them. The pictures are not all in the same spot – some are on the computer, some are on a portable storage, some are pictures in a tote, and then some are are CD’s. If I would ever get one wish from a Jeanie in a bottle, my wish would be to have all the pictures that I’ve taken over the years organized. And what a great wish that would be!

And if you’re wondering how my secret project is coming that involved my mom? I’m about 25% complete, but I’m at a standstill. I’m waiting on someone to give me information and that always seems to be the hardest… you know, just waiting.

The weather today was really nice and we’re just watching this one huge patch of snow that is trying to slide off the barn. It’s been there for a couple of days and I’m thinking that things around here must be kind of boring that we are all excited about snow coming off the barn roof. But it’s the truth. Daryl and I keep a tab on if it’s fallen or not and maybe it’ll go tomorrow if the sun keeps melting it.

Pretty close to falling

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  1. tammy k. says:

    i think that’s kind of neat – watching for the snow to slide off the barn roof. of course, i’m just a boring old person, hahaha. when we have had ice storms in the past, hubby and i would look at the trees and try to figure which ones were going to survive and which would lose limbs. during a particularly bad ice storm we went out on the front porch to listen to the trees that were breaking. it sounded like a shotgun blast when they would lose big limbs. the power of nature….

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