Walter’s new home

William helped me catch Walter this morning and into the car he went. He didn’t freak out really at all going into the pet carrier and we headed east in the Pacifica. Even though it was really windy out and that made the temperature feel even colder, the sun was shining and it was a good day to make the move. My sister said she would take him because we couldn’t move him into the other brooder house at our farm with the rooster named Hilter. If you remember this past summer, Hilter was the chicken that took out one of Walters eye in a fight. We call him Hitler because when he runs he keeps his legs really straight and kicks them out in front of him. It is so funny! Too bad he’s so dang mean. Back to Walter’s day. When we put Walter in his new pen in my sisters barn, he just kept crowing and crowing. I think he didn’t know what to expect with seeing the calves and kitties all around. It’s going to be a really good spot for him. The only trouble that I had was when I left and was heading to town all I could smell was a chicken house. Now I had the pet carrier in the back and I thought that maybe it was what Walter left in it when he was inside it. But man oh man was the smell strong. I put the fan in the car on high and it didn’t smell too bad, but I could still smell it. You know how you just keep looking around like someone is going to give you the answer what in the heck it is? Well finally as I was just pulling into town I looked down on my coat and I realized that Walter must have taken a dump on me when I was holding him in my sisters barn. Now I wonder who got the last laugh on me moving him to a new home? So I went to the first place in town that had a bathroom and pretty much washed the whole front of my coat. Not cool. When I came home, I was taking my coat off and putting it in the laundry room and Daryl asked me what happened. When I told him, he just laughed.

Walter in the car

William and Daryl worked on getting all the wood trim put back up in the Roadhouse today. It looks nice with it all up, and now we just have to get the electricians in to wire it.

The guys working on the Roadhouse trim

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