I had the chance the last couple of days to hang out with some of my friends and what a great time we had. Todays excursion was to head to the Amish Community with a couple of girls to see about getting some rugs made out of jeans and then to go out for lunch. After that, off to the local winery and the candle outlet store. Last stop was to do a little shopping at a floral and gift shop and then after we were gone most of the day, we headed home. It was a really fun day and there is something to say about hanging out with your girlfriends. You can  just spend the day checking out and looking at stuff and no one in your group really cares how long it takes. And to top the day off, one of my friends gave me a gift that I’ve been looking for about 20 years (or more). To anyone else it looks just like some salt and pepper shakers, but to me it’s a symbol of spending summers together at the cabin. When I would go up to the cabin with these girls every summer, we’d use salt and pepper shakers just like this for breakfast in the morning, and I always wanted some for our kitchen at our farm. Love them!

My new antique salt and pepper shakers

I started a new secret project that I’m excited about. I can’t tell you what it is, but it’s going to be really cool. It involves my Mom – and when I asked her to help, she wasn’t too keen on the idea. Even though she doesn’t even know what I’m doing, she said she still doesn’t like it. I called tonight to ask about her progress – and what was it? She didn’t start! Humm, sounds like it’ll take some coaxing on my part to be able to get everything that I need.

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