What a busy day today – but I did get a lot done. The morning started with a load of laundry and then out for chores. When I was outside I started the nipco in the Roadhouse to get it warm to paint later. Next I had bought more spackling last night so I put that in the bad spots on the wall in the Roadhouse and found my paintbrush to paint. I did get another coat of paint on the trim (which the whiter paint does look much better) and started to paint the windows and doorway. I found out that our insurance guy was coming over to go over our farm policy yet this morning, so I had to quit early and didn’t get everything painted like I wanted to. But that was OK because we’ve been trying to get together for quite sometime now. I did have a chance to talk to him for a little bit about some questions that I had and then off to Fredericksburg to meet a friend. We headed to Waterloo to meet another friend and had a girls lunch out. Since we were in town, it was a good chance to do some shopping. We didn’t shop too long and back home I went . I took down the Christmas tree and then got ready to go to Decorah to go to a movie with Daryl. Now that we’re back home from the movie, I’m thinking that I should either work on cleaning the house or take a bath with a cold beer. It’s 11:00 pm so – Yup you guessed it, I can hear the bath water running right now 🙂

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