Still Painting

First of all, you will have to excuse any spelling errors that I might have these next couple of days. I’m using a new keyboard for my iPad and it’s going to get some getting used to.
So what a beautiful day we had again today! It was sunny and hardly no wind. For the end of December, who could complain? OK, maybe the snowmobilers – but not too many other people. Daryl worked on putting on the other set of brackets on the machine shed corner and I started to paint the wood he bought for the trim in the Roadhouse. I put on 2 coats so far on the trim, but I’ll have to add another one. I didn’t like the color of how the white paint looked. It was a new can of paint-but it had a grey look to it. Now normally that wouldn’t be a big deal, but with the walls grey, it doesn’t show up as well as I would like it to. So tonight I was spackling the spots inside the Roadhouse that got banged up when we put in the windows, and I ran out of the spackling before I was done. So off to the hardware store I went. You know, since I was going and all, I thought that I might as well pick up some whiter paint. I had all good intentions of putting the spackling on tonight after supper, but ran out of energy. It was around 7 pm when we were done with eating, so I’ll get the spackling done in the morning and maybe a second coat of grey on some of the walls before I need to leave around noon. I’ve got a lunch date with some girlfriends and I won’t get much more done after that.

Painting and spackling today

We got two heaters from my Mom for Christmas and plan on using them in the Roadhouse. William said he’d put them together today, but after working all afternoon on the first one, he said he’s going to wait to put together the second one. I’m anxious to fire it up to see if it’ll work inside the shed. I’d like to use these heaters when we have company if it’s chilly outside. We laughed when we read the instructions. The instructions say that they can only be used outside. When we were in Korea last year, these are what all the businesses were using and none of them were outside!

One of the two heaters we got for Christmas from my Mom

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