Lights for the Roadhouse

Since we only put in two of the windows on the Roadhouse, we were worried about how the lights we picked out for the outside was going to look. So after we held them up on the outside, they just didn’t seem like the best choice. So back to town we went with them and found a light that we think will work out really well. I was going to call the electrician today to see what the scoop is on when they’re coming to our farm, ┬ábut now I think the plan is to paint a second coat on the walls before they come. It wont be such a big deal if they do come before that – but we’ll need to add another coat sometime. Daryl has the week off work, so we’re hoping to get the inside trim painted and up, along with the second coat of paint on the walls. We should be able to get that done. I guess we’ll see.

Nothing much else happening at our farm. We took the annual Christmas picture today. You might know the one. It’s the picture when you make your kids gather all their presents that they got for Christmas and put them back under the tree. Then they have to sit by the tree and you take the ‘after’ Christmas picture. Now it might seem a little silly, but honestly our kids have looked back at these pictures almost as much as the pictures before Christmas. I guess as a record of what they actually did get for Christmas.

No more updates from Kyle. Daryl says no news is usually good news. I guess that’s true. But being the Mom – I always just worry. I’m sure he’s having a great time and the weather there is supposed to be fantastic! High 50 degrees and sunny. I guess I’ll just have to wait until he gets back home to hear how it went.

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