Our Kitchen

Our kitchen is where a lot of things happen in it.

There is the social part – where if you come over to our house, there is a really good chance that you will probably end up in our kitchen pulling up a chair and visiting around our table.

There is the cooking part – where there seems to always be something in the oven or on the stove. Most of the time it’s either a new recipe or an¬†experiment that I’m hoping that will turn out.

Then there is the organization part – our kids always used the table to get ready for the next day at school. This could include homework, papers that needed to be signed for some class, clothes that were to be worn the next day or brought to school, and lunch money envelopes.

There is also a part of the kitchen where I seem to do my worrying. Now I’m not picky – I can worry about a lot of different things. I worry that the weather is going to get bad and William will have to drive in it and I worry that Kyle will have trouble when he’s in Rome. I also can worry about things that no one can have any control over. I worry about the changes in North Korea now that their President is dead, and how this will impact South Korea.

The last thing that I think our kitchen brings to our house is that it’s the welcoming spot when someone comes home. If you remember the commercial that says ‘We’ll leave the light on for you’ it’s kind of true for us. It’s not uncommon to see our front porch light on that leads into our kitchen and it seems to welcome you in.

So now when you think of your kitchen, think of how many things go on in it at your house and it sure does make it the most important part of your home doesn’t it.

Today I worked in our kitchen on making some Christmas candy plates and sandwiches for the basketball game. I sure hope that the bread wasn’t too dry that I used for the sandwiches ….. (there I go worrying again!)

What I worked on in our kitchen today

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2 Responses to Our Kitchen

  1. Sherry Elwood says:

    Your trays look fabulous!! Puts my cookies to shame! Ha!!

  2. Sherry Elwood says:

    Oh P.S. I am making your egg casserole over christmas break for the girls!

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