Work continues on the Roadhouse – West window done!

The contractor came today and was able to not only get the last window in, but was able to put up the wood trim on the inside of the windows and caulk the outside of the south windows. We want him to come back once we have the cement floor done. We’ve talked about putting some cement board up on the frame around the bottom of the walls. There not too bad of shape – but we’ll want to do something with them.

I spent my day making Christmas candy. I did get a lot of candy checked off my list today and plan on making some more tomorrow. I spent most of the day on my feet and I think tomorrow I’m going to wear some shoes when I’m standing. In the past I would put down some heavy towels to stand on, but I think wearing shoes might be easier. I guess standing on your feet in the kitchen for about 8 hours kind of kills your feet. I plan on opening up a beer after I post this update and soaking my feet in the bathtub.

So check out the before and after pictures of the Roadhouse.

The 'before' picture

Working on the Roadhouse today

Window ... Done!


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