Mending Day & Christmas Lights

William needed his buttons resewn on his basketball shirt today, so I thought I might as well get out all the other things that I’ve set aside that needed to be fixed for some time now. I’m not sure if you have these things small projects in your house, but I do. It’s the shirt that the button came off, the coat that’s also missing a button, PJ’s that have a seam on the leg out in them, and the list goes on and on. Well since I had the sewing kit out, I thought I might as well get them all fixed. I sewed them by hand today because I didn’t want to get the sewing machine out of the attic and I think I’m all caught up for now.  But since I was hand sewing today, I’m telling you it was kind of relaxing. I put my glasses on and sat in the chair and really didn’t mind it at all. When I was doing the sewing,  I was thinking of the old days when the ladies would mend socks. First of all, they must have been experts at this. Because if I get just one little piece of ‘anything’ in my sock it drives me crazy. So when someone resewed them and the person couldn’t tell – I’m thinking whoa. Then I’m also thinking they must very good eye sight. Because I had my glasses on and I’m not sure that I saw everything that needed to be fixed.  So the bottom line on this mending thing – I think it’s just a good thing that I bought a bunch of socks for the kids for Christmas and also that we have a burn barrel -because I’m sticking to the easy stuff!

Now for the Christmas lights. The update is that I left the lights on all day thinking if either of our dogs want to eat the lights again, that their teeth will get a little zing. But when I went outside today I found two more of the lights not working on our porch. I saw only one light off the string, so maybe the dogs did get a shock. But when I was looking around at the dogs, this is where I saw the male dog Apollo looking really pretty innocent. I’m thinking he stayed far away from them this time. I’m going tomorrow to pick up more lights at the hardware store. I hope they got in a lot of them!

Apollo staying out of trouble in the middle of the yard. He moved his bed into the yard today away from the porch!

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