Peacock feathers and painting

Kyle was hoping to get some more peacock feathers for his kids in Korea and so I went out on a hunt to see if I could find any today. It seemed that there was quite a few people that I’ve given feathers to this summer and fall and the last time that I looked I didn’t think that there was any left anywhere on the farm. But I wanted to check again just to make sure. I found a couple right in the beginning of my search, and then it became a lot harder to find anything. The dogs were with me, and when I started to crawl under the machinery in the sheds, they just looked at me and started to bark. After I got them to be quiet (which I might add was a chore in itself!) I was able to find more of the feathers. It did take a lot of crawling under machinery but I did find the ones that Kyle was hoping for.  I’m planning on getting a box ready for him so I can add these to his box that’s going to be sent.

I also found out that the electricians are not coming this week and they said that they would be coming in the next couple of weeks. I wish that this wasn’t the case – but I guess it is. Since that’s the time frame that we’re working with, I started to paint in the Roadhouse today. I was thinking that I would buy more extension cords to plug in the heater and lights inside the shed, but instead I thought that I’d just unplug the ones that we have instead. Yea – probably just too cheap. Everything was going pretty good today and I liked the color. I also was impressed how well the paint was covering. Then I tripped the breaker. The reason for my power to go off is because I plugged everything into only one cord. I only used the one by the barn and  I didn’t want to go and get the one by the house. Pretty lazy right? And I had all afternoon to get both cords so there was no excuse for this.  I finished painting what I had in the tray and called it a day. Tomorrow I’ll have to get both cords and try it again. Daryl got home late from work so I couldn’t show him the color that I picked out. I think he’ll like it because it’s not too dark and that was his only concern. Well that’s the only thing he’s told me.

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  1. tammy k. says:

    i am forever tripping circuits in our old house! when i’m upstairs sewing, i have to make sure that nick doesn’t have the space heater on because if he does, and i turn on the iron, it blows a fuse. ugh.

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