Fresh garland

I went to pick up our garland today from a local nursery to hang on our porch. I just love going to this nursery this time of the year. From the time you open the door, the fresh cut greenery hits you like nothing you’ve smelled before. You walk through this small entryway and then you are in the ‘main office’ area. Once you’re in the office area, I always feel like I’ve stepped back in time. The owner is sitting behind this huge old desk just acting like he knew that you were going to walk into his shop at that moment. The desk he’s sitting at is one that looks like it would take at least three or four people to move it because it is so bulky and old, and has stains from coffee cups and a lot of peanut shells are all over it and the floor. Now comes the conversations that you will probably get wrapped up in. You sit down in this old chair that’s beside the desk and it seems like time really can stand still. Your discussions that you have can be so different from time to time. One time we had talked about politicians and the next time it was about shot guns. As you probably guessed – the shot gun conversation was mostly done by him. When you decide that you should be getting home and put the garland (or tree) in your car or truck, ¬†you really feel like you’re bringing home the best treasure. This year I put it into the back of the car and all the home it smelled so good that I was really happy that I had a Christmas CD for the car to listen to. We were able to put the garland up on our house tonight and it looks just perfect. I think that I enjoy it so much because not only how it looks, but also the adventure of getting it.


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