Rion has ringworm. At first I thought that maybe he just rubbed against something, but then I looked at it closer and thought that it looked more like ringworm than just a scrape. I had Daryl check it and he said, Yup.. ringworm. So today I went to the farm store to pick something up to put on it. I knew that I was in the right section because I could find medicine for dogs and horses that have ringworm, but I couldn’t find the medicine for cows. After I found someone to help, the bottle was right in front of me. The reason that I didn’t know that it was the right one was because the dog and horse medicine sprayed on blue medicine and red medicine and the one that I had to get for Rion was an ugly brown medicine. Now it really shouldn’t matter what color it is along as it works right? – but I sure wish the one that I needed was blue. I think that would have been really cool with Rion being black and white – he would have looked like he had blue polka dots. OK, maybe he would have been looking kinda silly. He only has one spot that I saw – but tomorrow I’ll check him out closer. Since Rion is so tame, it wasn’t any trouble to get close to him to spray the brown medicine on him. I’m just hoping that it’ll work.

The electricians didn’t come today to work on the shed and I sure hope they come tomorrow. I tookĀ all the extension cords that we were using in the shed for the Christmas lights that I started to put up today and I’d like it better if I didn’t have to put them back in the farrowing house.

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