No more barn cleaner for the Roadhouse

Today we worked on taking out the barn cleaner on the north side of the Roadhouse. It was hooked inside the shed with two bolts and you would have guessed it, the first bolt came out fairly easy but the second one had other ideas. What started out as a simple project, soon became a project that involved a tractor and the bucket. Since we couldn’t get the second bolt out of the barn cleaner, Daryl and William hooked onto the outside of it with the tractor and with a couple of good pulls – out it came. Now the cows were not so impressed. I turned around and here they were. They were just standing and watching us and it just looked like they wanted to say – What are you doing now?

Taking the barn cleaner out of the Roadhouse

The job wasn't too bad

Wondering what is going on now?

After the barn cleaner was out, William worked on cutting out the plastic housings that are cemented into the floor and I repainted the wooden beams on the ceiling. The beams were painted once already but they needed a second coat. The first coat seemed a little thin.

Working on the pipes on the floor

The reason that I painted the beams tonight was because that I’m really hoping that the electricians will come tomorrow. When I talked to them last week, the one guy that I was talking to told me that it looks like it will work out for them to come and so that they’ll come on Monday. Now I sure hope that this guy knows that when you say to someone that it should work to come on Monday – that you really do show up on Monday. I’m not going to take bets on it though. I know that they are busy just like everyone else – but having electric inside the shed would really be nice.

I also went this afternoon and picked up the pecans that I ordered from a group selling them in a nearby town. I’ve bought so much from them the last couple of years, that this year they called me a couple of months ago before they placed their order to make sure that they’ll have enough to sell in the local stores. They use it as a fund raiser and this year they gave me a really good price. I’ve tried a couple of different brands of pecans to be used in candy in the past years and the ones that I get from them I like the best. I just hope that I’ll have enough to get me through the Holidays!

Getting ready to make some candy

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2 Responses to No more barn cleaner for the Roadhouse

  1. Sherry says:

    You are lucky you got a good price this year..pecans are supposed to be very expensive this year because of the drought down south or something,I think.
    I haven’t started baking yet though..trying to cut back in that area!!Ha.

  2. farm2011 says:

    I didn’t hear that about the pecans and now I think I should have got more 🙂

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