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Yesterday we went to a wake in Story City, which is really close to where William will be going to college next year. He’s going to go to Iowa State which is in Ames and this is only about 10 miles from where we had the visitation. So since we were in the area, we wanted to head to Ames to not only to get a better lay of the land but also to grab some supper. We wanted to go to a restaurant that we were at while on Ragbrai in Ames and we thought we knew where it was in the city. But after driving around for awhile.. no luck. So we called a friend that we knew he could give us directions, and soon we were sitting down to smoked chicken.

So after supper, we were both really tired after a long day and we decided that we were just going to get a hotel room for the night. I had the food ready for the next day in the refrigerator at home and all that had to be done was to put it into the oven, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Once we found a hotel and checked in, we wanted to sit in the hot tub for awhile. OK – now check out the sign that is hanging right by the door of the pool – – –

I'm more scared of the sign than anything else!

Now we really thought this was funny! We laughed while we were walking into the pool and then we’d talk about it again and then laughed some more. But all of the sudden while we were sitting in the hot tub we started to wonder just why do you think they had to post a sign like this? The hotel was clean (as far as we knew) but they must have had some really bad experiences in the past. I mean really, how bad could it have been that you had to mention diarrhea and then to say wash your child’s rear end?  Like I said, it was funny until we really started to think about the sign. Then it wasn’t so fun to sit in the water and we cut our swimming time short and went to our room and took showers. That was the end of that.

Now it’s time to set the alarm clock. We talked about calling the front desk but decided that we shouldn’t have any trouble and it will be OK. The alarm got set at 6:00 and off to bed we went. We both woke up a couple of times during the night, but went back to sleep. Then I woke up at 7:32. OMG! The alarm went off but the music was so garbled and quiet, we didn’t hear it go off. It was still going off when we woke up, but you really didn’t know it until you put your ear right up to it.  OK, we grabbed our stuff and was sitting in the car at 7:38 backing out of the parking lot. Good thing we picked up an extra small bag of M&M’s for the road yesterday, because that soon became our breakfast in the car and it hit the spot. We did make it back home in time to get the dressing and ham in the oven to bake. I jumped into the shower while Daryl did chores and by the time we had to head over to Daryl’s brother for Thanksgiving – we had the food made and showers taken. Whew! Thank goodness we didn’t wake up any later. The afternoon was filled with fun conversation and jokes … along with TONS of good food. There was also some talk about the plans for the big Kuehner get together this upcoming June at our house. I’ll have to try to think about how to make it a really special weekend.

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