Work continues on the Roadhouse…

Update: All the trim is done on the shed and man is it lookin’ good! I was trying to find the ‘before’ picture of the east side and came across some of when William was just cleaning it out and I can’t believe how far we’ve come. So these are the two pictures showing the east side:

Before picture of the farrowing house - east side

After picture of the east side

While I’m typing this, our contractor is outside putting the doors on. To be honest it looks kinda different. Now I’m not saying bad – because that’s not at all the right words. When I’m looking outside at the shed it looks like I’m looking at somebody elses shed and not ours. It seems kinda funny to see the new door going on. But it looks FANTASTIC! And this is just the garage door – can you imagine how much I’ll like it when we get all the windows in! I’m sure hoping that the electricians can come on Monday. I’m also hoping to get some painting done this weekend. It’s a busy one though. This afternoon we have a wake to go to, tomorrow is Kuehner Thanksgiving, tomorrow night a birthday party, so that leaves Sunday.

I had a call this morning that my picture is done at the framer. If you remember the one that I’m talking about, it’s the papers that I’ve looked for 5 years to find! I put them in a safe spot and when starting William’s graduation papers.. found them. I guess they were really safe there. I do like the matting that I picked out but I’ll have to see it on the wall before I can say that I Love it. I’m just not sure. I guess I’ve talked about it for so long, maybe I was expecting it to be over the top or something. I’ll hang it up and then look at it again.

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