Another Milestone reached

Tonight when we finally got the ceiling painted in the farrowing house. I stopped and counted how many gallons of paint and primer that we’ve used so far and to date we’ve used 150 gallons! OK, that’s a lot! The last time we painted for Kyle’s graduation, we used 53 gallons and honestly we thought we were doing good at that time. There were somethings that we didn’t paint for Kyle’s graduation and looking at the numbers of gallons used – we must have skipped quite a bit of buildings.

We didn’t get the ceiling painted tonight without troubles though. We started the ceiling the other day and when we went back tonight to finish it up the paint sprayer kind of exploded and then died on us. This wasn’t a good thing. First, it wasn’t good that there was paint on the wall and ceiling and the second thing is that we wanted to finish this tonight. I was just about home from the lumber yard in New Hampton when Daryl called and asked if I was still in town. ¬†Since I was almost home I dropped off the metal side guards and then drove back to town again to pick up another sprayer. ¬†Now that the ceiling is painted, I’m not sure what we’ll use the sprayer for again but you never know. We couldn’t have finished the painting without it, so I guess there wasn’t any discussion if we needed to buy it or not.

Now we just need to get the doors and windows put in and the next step will be getting electricity installed. We are getting closer and closer to having all our project completed.

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