It’s getting a little toasty around here

To say that I’ve been scared to death when Daryl decided to light our tree fire, well that’s really an understatement! We’ve had these trees down all summer and with no wind today, I guess he decided it was time to get rid of them. He wanted to light it when he was home for the day and it’s a good thing I didn’t know about it until it had started. 

See I was just pulling into the farm yard this weekend and I could see a ‘funny’ orange color coming from the trees. Now I’m not a Rocket Scientist but I was pretty sure that he had started the trees on fire. 

And guess what? I was right! 

Now these trees are pine trees and have a lot of sap in them so they’re really not good for any campfires or pretty much anything. When pine trees are on fire they spit sap out of them and kind of chirp. I know it sounds weird but they do! So with a fire going like this, there was a lot of spitting and chirping going on and you just had to step back and hope that everything goes OK. 

And it was HOT! These trees were really tall old farm trees so there’s a lot of wood in there to burn up! 

But Daryl was right that there was little or no wind so it burnt up fast and will probably continue to burn for the next couple of days. And am I happy that the tree pile is gone? Yes I can honestly say that I’m happy that it burnt so it’s not the first thing that you see when you drive into our yard. And yes I’m also happy that no other building burnt in the process! 

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