And so it begins – Fall Harvest 2017!

Today was the first day that Daryl got out into the fields and was able to start combining soybeans. The weather was warm and there was a good breeze blowing. 

And while he was in the field, I was busy making soap (of course right?) But the afternoon caught up with me and I promised that I’d bring some lunch out to the field around 4:00. What to make? To be honest I haven’t gotten groceries – well I really don’t remember the last time I did get groceries! That’s not usually a good sign when you have to make something fast.  

Time to improvise. Well I had 6 pieces of bread left and thought I’d make some grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup. It was pretty hot out, but hey it’s better than nothing! And it was a very good thing that I had 6 pieces of bread because the first sandwiches I burnt on the one side! Don’t you just hate that when that happens? OK, so I peeled off the top layer and added another piece of cheese in the middle and another piece of bread. Put some butter in the pan and that worked! 

Now to package it up and try to find him in the fields. Well it wasn’t hard to find him and all I had to do was to look for the dust. And dust there was! When I said there was a good breeze blowing, I think Daryl said it was blowing straight into the combine.  The picture below shows that farming can be a very dirty job sometimes! 

But after lunch he went back to combining and I went back to soap. Yup, it was a good day for both of us! 

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