Working around the farm – Sunday

Even though it was Sunday, it was a good day to work around the farm and to get a couple of things done. 

Daryl spent a good part of the day getting the combine all cleaned up for the fall harvest and I don’t think it was such a good move on the peacocks to hang out on top the combine after Daryl walked away. It wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t mess it up, but I’m guessing that they left their mark before they headed to the shed for the night. 

We also spent some time today looking for a new hatching of baby chicks in the barn. Daryl saw a couple of new little chickens hanging out with the hen in the barn and when we came to get me and we went back – well they were gone! Now I’m guessing this one big Tom Cat who was lurking around the back of the barn while we were in there had something to do with the missing baby chicks, but who could blame him? He probably thought it was a buffet or something! And was the mother hen mad! She clucked for about and hour or so just looking for her little chicks. Not a good situation at all! 

I spent quite a bit of my day catching up on laundry and getting some things organized in the house. I even watched a movie this afternoon on the TV. Now normally I don’t do that very often, but it was a great day to slow down and even watch a movie if you wanted to –  so that’s just what I did! 

And I noticed today that our cows are still not sure why there is gates up going back into the pasture. I don’t ever remember having gates in the pasture before, but our little calves would just walk under the electric fence and hang out in the yard all the time. And our dogs HATED that they were out! So Daryl & I hung a couple of gates and that took care of that problem! And as you can see in the picture below our tree pile is still there. It’ll probably have to be there until later this fall when the crops are out. We’d hate to burn something other than the tree pile so we’re probably going to wait until it snows or gets a whole lot more wet in the fields  🙂 

And speaking of fields, you can almost see the fields changing every day. Here’s a bean field that is starting to drop it’s leaves. Soon the combines will be out working on getting the beans harvested and then the busy season will begin! 

And we ended the night by skyping and talking with all the kids which is always my favorite part of the week. But now it’s time to get some projects organized that will need to be done this week and think about what we’ll do next weekend! 

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