Rock Star Farmer!

Daryl is a Rock Star! 

Now I’m sure you already knew that but just in case you were wondering, well let me tell you why this time. 

See last year when we were baling hay, our baler broke. The part that ties the bales broke and if you’re making small square bales – well that’s an important part! So last year we didn’t get any small square bales made and luckily we had some leftover from the year before. 

So fast forward to this year. We really wanted to get some small square bales made and so Daryl went online to see just what was broke and what he had to get. Thank goodness for the internet right? He not only found out what he needed to buy, but he also went on Youtube to see how to get the part out of the equipment and how to fix it. 

The funny thing is that he found out even though the baler is about 60 years old, the same part is used on the new balers. They told him that it works so good and so why would they change it? So he was able to pick one up that same day at the implement dealer. The only bad thing is that it didn’t cost what it did back in 57! 

Well, with the part in the baler it was time to get it out in the field to see how (or seriously if) it was going to work. 

And guess what? It worked PERFECT!! Yup, Rock Star!!

With the hay bales in the barn for the dogs to play on for the winter, and available for the cows when the winter weather is too bad to bring in some big hay bales, they’re also good to have for our annual hay ride in the spring with the family!!


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  1. bruce says:

    That’s probably the same baler and wagon we used when we were kids

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