Happy Birthday Kyle!

Skyping with the kids is always one of my favorite times of the week, but this week was extra special!

It was Kyle’s Birthday!!

And because of the logistics of where everyone is living, the best place to say Happy Birthday to him is when we Skype.

Now I should have had his Birthday box there already so he could open it when we are all together, but like almost everything lately in my life I just didn’t get it done! I had a few things ordered that wasn’t delivered yet and with Labor day this coming weekend, it looks like he’ll be celebrating his birthday way into next week.

So to get ready for tonight, I was in the grocery store and I literally stopped and looked at the birthday candles that they had there. Now we normally have a bag of birthday candles in the cupboard and I knew that we were short a couple of numbers… but seriously what would the odds be if we were short the ones that we needed for Kyle? And honestly I didn’t like the candles that they had their anyway. I usually use the yellow ones and these were silver or something. Well, guess what? Yea, I should have taken the silver ones! We didn’t have either of the two numbers so I had to do some surgery on a couple of the other ones that were in the bag! And when I got done, they didn’t look the best but I was hoping that they would do. But with a pin to hold one of the sides of the 3 together, and quickly lighting it so to if it held, I found out that it wasn’t going to work so well and we’ll just have to know what it was supposed to look like.

But for now? Well it’s great to see and talk to everyone and with Kyle being a great sport he blew out the candle’s for us on his cake!

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