Soap, Kitties, and Golf.. oh my!

This week has been pretty uneventful. I’m not sure where the time went, but here we are and it’s Friday already. 

When I look back at what I had worked on, I guess most of my time was spent on soap. Getting an order ready for a wedding, ordering more supplies not only for soap but also bath bombs, and making sure that when I’m ready to wrap the soap in a couple of weeks I’ll be ready for that. 

I’m even planning on being more prepared for Christmas with my soap business.  Last year I thought I was ready but that wasn’t anything further than the truth! I had hundreds of bars of soap ready and within a few weeks I sold them all! Now this is a good thing, but when it’s just the beginning of December and I had to turn away Customers – well it’s not the best thing either. 

Other things happening around our farm is that I can’t believe Checker’s (one of the original fearless 5)  had taken care of her babies and I also can’t believe that she’s pregnant again! See we were kind of thinking bad things about her because we knew she had baby kitties but never seen them anywhere around the farm and she for sure didn’t look like she was having any kitties nursing on her. But when I was walking through the yard and saw 4 kitties by the Roadhouse and in the flower bed – I’m thinking I need to change my attitude toward her! Because she did a great job. And one of them even looks like Smoochie which I’m very excited about. But they are extremely wild and it’s going to be a challenge to try to get any of them tame. I mean after digging around in the bushesI couldn’t even get a good look at them much less to try to catch one. 

I continue on my golfing quest this year and once again on Tuesday my friend and I planned on meeting at the course. The only thing was that when we pulled up the parking lot it had tons of cars in it and there was a tournament going on! OH NO! Well I tried to convince my friend that we should just go to a local town for the night for food and refreshments, but she was determined to keep us on track for golfing tonight. After waiting for about an hour,  they said we could go on the course. Well we didn’t get a whole round in and we really didn’t do so well either.  I’m thinking that maybe we were just a little bit too relaxed by sitting around? But we did play 4 holes and had a great pasta meal for supper that they were serving – so I’m glad she convinced me that we should be playing golf tonight.  

This week also meant some town meetings that I’m involved with and of course from any meetings comes more action items for us to do. But it’s all for a good cause and I’m super excited about the progress that we’ve made on the exercise trail so far in our local town. 

Other than that laundry and dishes were on the daily list, it’s been pretty uneventful. Hopefully this weekend we’ll do something fun and liven it up a little! 

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