And then there was storms

This has got to be the weirdest year for weather in our area! In the past we’d get around an inch maybe of rain at a time and guess how much we’ve gotten just in the last 24 hours? We got 5 1/2 inches of rain. Yup, wayyyyy too much!

Now we are not complaining because just about 10 miles south from here they got around 6 inches of rain just during the day yesterday and who knows how much they got from last night. I also know that there is a lot of towns that are flooded this morning in our area. I think if someone isn’t saying that the weather is changing lately – well they just are not looking out their window.

Not only have we been getting a lot of rain – we’ve also been getting storms that literally have been blowing through. And what a storm we got on Wednesday!! They said that there was a chance it might blow up something and within 10 minutes the sky turned from a normal brightness at 5:15 … to a black that I heard people had to turn on their lights to see while driving! CRAZY!

I just got home from work when I saw it brewing in the west so I literally went running to try to get as much stuff that was in the yard tucked away. I knew it was going to be bad because the temperature was around 87 degrees the last time that I looked and the sky was just churning in circles overhead. Well I got most of the things put away and then the wind came up. And boy did we have wind!  

The next thing that I knew I could hear the rustling of something outside and I thought it might be hailing. Nope, no hail But what I saw next was one of our huge trees laying beside the house. Thank goodness it wasn’t IN the house!

I wasn’t sure where Daryl was and when I called him he said he was on the way home. He was just 1/2 a mile from our house and was trying to keep the truck on the road. 

And just like that the wind stopped. Now the rain didn’t stop and seriously it’s been raining ever since then. Pretty sure that a tornado was in the area and close by! 

We went out to check out the damage and we ended up having to remove 5 of the farm trees but none of them damaged any building or our house. I used to really like our trees that we had on the farm but honestly they just scare me to death now! 20170719_181759_resized20170719_182213_resized20170719_180004_resized

Clean up started that night with Daryl and I and we were able to get one of the trees cut up before the night was over. Without electricity, there wasn’t much of anything else to do. But do you know the nice thing about living in a small town? Not only our family called to see how they can help, but one by one the neighbors stopped in to see what they can help with. Very cool! 

Well the cleanup went into full swing on Thursday afternoon with Daryl and my brothers and nephew.  Words can’t explain how grateful we were that they came over.  And by the end of the night our junk tree pile has grown to a very large monument in the pasture and the yard was just a little bit brighter. 20170720_161143_resized

Wd ended up scoping out the rest of the back yard and decided that this summer we are going to take down 3 more of the huge trees. We need to get them down before the weather of 2017 takes them down! 

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