Trouble on the farm

When Daryl pulled the feed mill out of the shed it didn’t take too long to realize that there was going to be trouble. What happened was that the 3 peahens were just screaming at him!! And if you have ever heard a peacock  – you know that screaming is the correct word!! 

Then he remembered that Sally the peahen was sitting on eggs onto of the mill. Now both you and I know that we don’t have any males around to help her with getting any new babies for the farm, but she’s been insisting on sitting on those eggs. 

So Daryl hurried up and drove very carefully through the yard with the eggs just laying on top of the mill and was able to get the feed ground and unloaded without any problems. Seriously, this was a feat in itself. These eggs are just laying on top of the mill without any protection so how they didn’t fall off is just short of a miracle. 

Can you see the eggs on top of the mill?

Can you see the eggs on top of the mill?


The funny thing is that the peahens were just watching to make sure that they weren’t too far away from the mill and Sally’s eggs! Oh yea, they also kept screaming at him too ! 


Now it was time to put the mill back into the shed and just like that Sally jumps back on top the mill and is sitting on her eggs again. The only difference this time is that both her kids (the other peahens) were perched up on the machinery on both sides of her. Maybe to keep Daryl away 🙂 DSC_0141

I keep saying this, but I really do need to get them a boyfriend! 

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