We are planning on heading out for awhile to see if we can get some more of the rocks picked up in the bean field by the creek today. And when I went to get the gloves that I’ve been using I realized that I had a hole in one of the fingers. So not cool! So I grabbed a BRAND new pair of black farm gloves and to be honest they felt pretty good. Now I’m not sure what they’ll look like and feel like when we’re done, but for now? Shazam! 

So out to the field we go again. Same scenario, Daryl is driving the tractor and I’m beside him sitting on the fender of the tractor and we are making our way out to the bean fields. Our plan for today is to just get picked up what we can and possibly call it done for this field. Wouldn’t that be great? Well after another 1/2 of a round of picking rock in this bean field, we think we’ve got most of what we need to get picked up and are going to call it good. Yea!! 

I took this picture quick before we headed home and honestly it almost looks kinda cool doesn’t it? Well for a load of rocks that is. 🙂 IMG_20170708_144451_964_resized

And how did my new gloves hold up? Not so good. So I’m glad that we’re done for the day! 


Next on our list for tonight is to head out to a ball game. I’ve never been to a ball game at one of our local towns before, so a quick jump into the shower and I threw on a little makeup – we were off! It was an absolute perfect night for a ball game and with the moon still pretty full and bright, it was fun to just hang out. 



And how can anything be bad when you have this to look forward to with a cold beer while you’re watching the game? Nachos in a hat. And who won the game? I guess I’m not quite sure but the nachos were great!  20170708_193507_resized


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