Getting the bean fields ready

Do you ever feel that sometimes there is so much to do and not enough time to do it! 

Tonights job was to keep working on picking up the rocks. The last time we went out we wanted to get in a couple of rounds but we only were able to get 1/2 of a round in. So needless to say there was more rock in the field to pick. 

Well after we got home from our ‘town’ jobs and got chores done,  we quickly changed and headed back out to the fields with our flat rack wagon. When you see a clean wagon going on the road you just know what they’re going to be doing.  Tonight as I sat on the tractor fender beside Daryl we did end of meeting a couple of people on route to the fields.  I noticed these people they just waved at us and looked pretty solemn. No smiling. Just waved. I figured they must have been farmers and knew what we were going to do. 

So out in the fields we go to see if we can get a bunch of these rocks picked up. And without any disappointment there was a lot of rocks that needed to be picked. They were the ones that were just big enough to get into the bean head of the combine and wreck it if we left them out there. 

But even though I was ready to get the rock picked up, I was also there for another reason. See I sit in an office all day with air conditioning and seriously not used to heat. The only time that I have been in heat was mowing the ditches on our farm, and well you just hurry up and get that done. So I wasn’t too upset that the temperature was in the 90’s earlier this afternoon and by the time we were in the field it was in the mid to high 80’s. And seriously it wasn’t that bad. But my body was trying to adapt to it and with sweat literally dripping off my nose, chin, elbows (gross right?) and other places that I won’t mention, I’m thinking that this probably is a pretty good way to get exposed to heat.

And once again we only got a half of a round in. 

And know what else I realized? I realized that you are truly married to a farmer when the moon comes up and it’s still pretty light out around 9:30 at night and you find yourself in the field smiling to yourself because you know that it’s been a good day. 20170706_210507_resizedBut now it was time to head home and get some of this dirt washed off of me.20170706_212031_resized

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