Soap and more soap…

It was a busy week for my soap business. See on last Saturday I was in a Vendor show even though I was busy with the Irish Fest that was going on in our town. The person who puts on the show let’s me bring my soap and bath bombs  in and they get set up in the General Store that she has in a corner of her big barn. I’m really lucky that she lets me do that because the barn is about 50 miles from our farm and I couldn’t do both last weekend. It was a good show and earlier this week I went over to pick up my display and the leftover soap.

See I needed that soap to bring along with others that I have to a new shop that is going to start to sell my soap in Elkader Iowa. Whoooohoooo!!!! And the best part is that she seems just as excited to have it to sell as I am to have it in her store!

So with a big tote almost 1/2 full,  off to Elkader I go and finally meet up with the owner at her shop. I hope it goes well for the both of us and all I can say is that I better get making some soap these next couple of weeks!!

And if you are in that part of Northeast Iowa and think to yourself.. ‘Gee I sure wish I had some soap’  – stop in the  Once Was – Primitive, Antiques & Rustic Finds store! It’s right on the corner and for some reason it might be the one that soon has a kind of soapy fragrance that you can smell when you walk by it 🙂 


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