Upcoming Soap Show

I’m in another show this weekend and I really like going to this location. See it’s a barn on a farm. Yup, just right up my alley right? 

Because of the Irish Fest happening in our town this weekend, I’m not able to stay all day a the show so I have set up my display and then the owner of the barn takes a percentage of the sales. It works good for her and also for me. 

And when I bring my handy dandy shelving unit, the setup is fast and easy! 20170615_193912_resized

Once I was ready to go, I stopped over at one of the two cabins that they rent out and I had to try really hard not to find a spot on one of the rockers for the night! I can see why these cabins are rented out almost every week and weekend!


So when I’m driving home I noticed the really cool clouds that were forming in the sky and just couldn’t help but to take a couple of pictures on how I could see them change as I was driving tonight. I apologize in advance if your’e sick of looking at cloud pictures that people have been sharing  – but here are some more. And I’m thinking these are probably so much cooler than other ones that you’ve been looking at anyway 🙂

The night ended with a lightening display that you can see in the last two pictures. There was quite a few storms in our area tonight with high winds and hail and luckily we only had a lightening display. 





And I have come to the conclusion these past couple of days that things just look different when you’re riding in a farm truck. You know,  just in case you were wondering about that.


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