Todays the day!

Today is a big day in our house and I mean a BIG day!  Now I’m sure you are wondering just what makes today so special? 

Well today we are getting a new mattress set!  S C O R E !!! 

See we have been talking about getting a new mattress for about 23 years. Yup, you read this right – 23 years. And do you know why we never can buy one? Well it’s because we couldn’t agree on what we should get. 

Should we get a mattress that is a Sleep Number kind? Or should we get one that has a pillow top? The ones I liked he didn’t and the ones that he liked I didn’t. 

So to help with our decision I’ve been talking to my chiropractor and he recommended buying a Beautyrest Mattresses. OK. It’s a done deal. Today we are going to town to get a Beautyrest Mattress. 

With Daryl not so much of a shopper, he said he only wanted to go to 2 stores to ‘shop around’ it wasn’t much of a choice where we should look. We tried to find stores where they sold Beautyrest mattresses right? 

After we checked out the first store – off we went to the second store. This mattress store had big signs in their window – Beautyrest Mattresses sold here. OK, here we go. 

Well we both knew that we were not leaving without a mattress and when we were walking up to the front door of the store Daryl turned to me and said let’s make some salesperson’s day. I knew that it was go time! 

After laying on a couple of mattresses in the store and at this point remembering that we are supposed to look at Beautyrest mattresses – well we found one that we both can live with and we bought it. And guess what? It’s not a Beautyrest. I don’t remember what it is but it’s got cooling gel in it and each spring is double wrapped or something, along with a list of why it is going to be so awesome! 


Now the big challenge. Can we get it upstairs? See this is also another reason why we haven’t bought a new bed for so many years. The last time we did,  we had to take off all the woodwork going upstairs and even do a little ‘remodeling’ as we went inching our way up the steps of our old farmhouse with the bed set. It was terrible!

But we were determined to get this taken care of today and with luck on our side we didn’t have any trouble. But I’m thinking the split box spring helped us quite a bit this time. It was $50 extra which in our case was a no brainer! 

Next on our list? What to do with the old box spring. We both knew that it wasn’t going to go back downstairs, so just like that Daryl had an idea. And soon I could hear the chain saw just a humming in the upstairs hallway and he had kind of a funny look in his eyes as he started to cut up the bed. I swear I would not have been surprised if all of a sudden Chevy Chase would have shown up. It was definitely one of those moments. So with the old box springs propped up against the banister and Daryl using the chain saw upstairs in our house, I was just waiting for our banister to be cut in half. But with good luck there was no problems and soon we had it downstairs and the vacuum was just humming upstairs to clean up all the sawdust. Check this off our list! 20170611_185458_resized



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