It’s Show Time!

I woke up this morning knowing that I had a couple of things left to do to get ready for the vendor show, but of course I underestimated the amount of time that it was going to take. Yea, not a surprise right?

So I’m frantically wrapping the rest of the bath bombs and just trying not to wreck any of them. And of course when I’m doing this you think I could get the plastic bags apart easily to put the into? Not a chance. I literally stopped and took a breath and reminded myself that I had plenty of time and then I started up again. And it turns out that I did have more than enough time to get everything ready for the show.  

Now with my rest of my bath items in the car I’m on my way to the location to set my soaps out and enjoy the day. See I never leave my soaps out overnight because if it rains – well the only thing that I’d have left would be bubbles. Especially the bath fizzy’s!! 

I’ve taken the big cow picture out of our kitchen, the flowers out of our living room, the wreath off of our front door, the table runner from our kitchen table, the quilt off our bed, the shaving table from our bathroom,  and with my ‘new’ table from Penny’s Store I must say that I’m really pleased how it all looks.

20170602_110052_resized So now it’s show time and the Friday’s crowd didn’t seem like it was overpacked during the day. I seemed to have a steady crowd at my booth and I’d realize later that today was one of my best days so far. SCORE! 

And I think I’ve got a perfect spot for my booth. Not only location, but where I’m sitting there is a vendor that makes and sells American Doll clothes. We all kind of keep our same spots so when I’ve seen her the last two shows that we were at,  I seriously just thought that these were dolls clothes. With raising two boys, I know nothing about The American Doll scene. But getting back to this ladies booth …. I would see these girls come up to the booth and just look at each little dress or outfit very closely. They would take it off the rack and hold it up, check it out, look at each other and say something, then pick the next one off the rack and do it all over again. Then eventually one of their Mom’s would stop by and the discussions really started. Finally they all would nod and have a couple of new outfits picked out for their dolls.  I know that I was supposed to be focused on selling my soap, but these girls and the doll dresses were so much fun to watch! 


The vendor show lasted two days and Saturday was packed! The weather was perfect and the crowd was in a spending mode which was good for me. I must say that I was lucky this weekend with sales and I feel that it was a successful two days. I had exceeded my goal of what I hoped to sell and was very pleased on how the days went. I had my belly full from a local vendor from dinner

20170602_144848and my car packed to head back home,  being careful not to hit what was waiting for me on our gravel road! 

20170610_084824_resizedBut the time I pulled into the garage and shut the car off I was pretty tired and needed a hot bath. Hummm I wonder where I put those leftover bath soaks?  🙂  

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