I am my Mother’s Daughter

Happy Mother’s Day! 

With the morning spent heading out to brunch with a bunch of my family and Mom, it was a great way to start the day. I mean if you don’t have to cook breakfast on Mother’s day – well you just shouldn’t right? 

Daryl wasn’t able to go out with us because with the upcoming weather forecast he really wanted to get the rest of the crops in. And if that meant finishing up today well I’m all for it. 

So after brunch the kids and I headed home for a little bit before they needed to leave again to drive back. And so what does almost every Mom do when your kids are about to leave? Well I started to look around to see what food I can send with them for this busy week. And after I found a ‘few things’ they had to grab a grocery bag to carry it. Then they were off. 

As one of my Mom’s mother’s day gift we usually get her a bunch of flowers for her flower gardens that surround her house and this year was the same. My sister picked up our Mom late last week and found a lot of really pretty flowers for her house. I’ve got a small electric tiller that we always use to till up the garden and it works just perfect . 

Well off I go with my tiller and my card for Ma fullsizeoutput_a81and  it was a fast project and it wasn’t too long until I had the tiller back in the bed of the truck and was ready to leave. I was just about to step in the truck when Ma says ‘oh wait, I’ve got some food to send home with you’. OK, that’s a pretty good trade. But when I saw just what she wanted to send home, I think I made out so much better in this trade than she did! 20170515_171457_resized

And as I was driving home and seeing all the food next to me in the truck I remembered our kids having to get a grocery bag to take all the food that I wanted to send home with them and just smiled. yup, I am truly my Mother’s daughter! 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Ma’s in the world!


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  1. Ruth says:

    Wow, five containers of food! I think you got the better bargain, definitely!! Of course, your gardening gift to her will last much longer…..

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