A gift from the dogs today

Now some times a gift can be flowers and some times a gift can be chocolates. But when you live on the farm and you have dogs, well your gift can be just about anything else. 

So what was our gift today? 

Well, check it out. 


Yup, possoms. Dead baby possums. 

And when Daryl said that the dogs brought them up to the house, I asked if they were for sure dead. Because when you’ve heard the old story about possums pretending to be dead – it’s true and we’ve seen it many times. The dogs will bring a possum up to the house and before we can get rid of it, well it’s gone! 

But this time they are really dead. And little did I know that I’d find their Mom later this week. And guess what? Yup, she’s dead too! And she’s also smelling a little ripe. 

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