When the sun shines on the farm

You know the old saying ‘When the sun shines you make hay’

Well have you ever wondered what you do on a farm if the sun is shining and the hay isn’t fit? 

Let me tell you that you can do a lot of things. And if it’s Saturday or Sunday, it really doesn’t matter. There are things that need to be done and you just have to do them.  

So as you can guess the sun was shining this weekend and it was FANTASTIC! It sure seems like a long time since we got some nice warm weather and even if it was really pretty windy, I’m not complaining. (I know crazy isn’t it?) 

I spent most of Saturday working in the house and starting to replenish my soap stash. I’ve got a few shows coming up and one of them is pretty big and takes a lot of inventory. Todays’ soap was Barefoot in the Grass and I was pretty happy how it turned out. 17796776_1883022741953614_4698646066638940160_n

I’m working on another batch of soap while I’m writing this and tonights soap is Lazy Lavender. It’s one of the best sellers that I have and I usually run out of it pretty fast. 

I even went for a walk on Sunday afternoon. I kind of wanted it to be a walk/run, but it only turned out to be a walk. That’s OK, I was just glad that I got some fresh air and who cares this early in the season right? 

I also spent most of the weekend doing laundry and hanging out the loads on the line. Even though it’s much easier to just throw them in the dryer, it’s just not the same. And in our house we seem to keep all the laundry until the baskets are over flowing and end up having a full day of keeping the washing machine going. I think I did 7 loads so far and there is only two of us in the house! 

Daryl was really busy, he was a farmer on a mission! 

He cleaned the cow yards and hauled manure20170408_105815

and gathered some volunteer trees that were grubbed out by my brother and came back later and put them on a pile to be burnt on another day. Just wondering why they say you ‘grub’ out trees? 20170409_143333

He also took a couple of loads of corn out of the bins to get ready for this years cropDSC_0069

and finally he seeded down some water ways in the corn field for this spring.fullsizeoutput_a6f He used the seeder and for some reason I just love this piece of equipment. I mean it’s nothing fancy and for sure it’s pretty old, but it’s pretty cool! Daryl thinks it’s over 60 years old. And if you check out the paperwork, you can sure plant a lot of things with it. We just usually put in seed oats, bromegrass, & grassed that goes into the mixture to be spread. DSC_0060

Now don’t think that we worked all weekend. On Friday night we went out for supper with some of Daryl’s classmates to celebrate birthdays. 

On Saturday we went to a local Mexican restaurant before we headed to a Surprise Birthday party for a friend. For our supper at the restaurant  we weren’t expecting platters for our meal! fullsizeoutput_a6c

And at the end of the weekend while my soap is still cooking on the stove, we’re ordering a pizza from our local restaurant and the moon is just coming out for the night.20170407_235222  

Yup, what a productive weekend we had! 


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