Just rolling along

Last year when the cows got out and of course it seemed like we were in the middle of some monsoon season or something, they decided to take a tour or two of our farm. 

Well when you put the bull who weighed over 2300 lbs. and then add the rest of the cattle you can just about imagine how much damage they can do to some soggy grass. 

So last year Daryl went off to town to buy a lawn roller to try to see if he could get the lawn to lay down. And wouldn’t you know it – the rain stopped and of course there was no moving of any ground last year to get it flattened out. 

And that brings me to this Spring, Daryl got out his lawn roller and spent some time working the lawn back to where it should be. He said it worked pretty good and now with rain forecasted later this week it should help it to lay down even better. Let’s just all hope that the cows don’t get out again soon  🙂


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