Tonights exercise

The weather today was really nice and I thought that I just might go for a run. 

But being on the farm, your thoughts of what you think you might do and what you actually might do isn’t always the same thing. 

So what did I do instead? Well Daryl was going to work on clearing out the steel bin that had soybeans in it, and I thought what better exercise is there? 

Well, I jumped in the farm truck and off I went to help. 

It really wasn’t too bad and with a couple of scoop shovels in hand, and we ended up getting the last 2 loads shoveled in no time. 20170328_180921_resized

It’s funny  – from this past weekend at the wedding17522631_1437024089670598_4241302937673967927_n

to tonight in the steel bin 20170328_184123_resized

You just never know what the day will bring. 

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2 Responses to Tonights exercise

  1. Sherry Elwood says:

    I REALLY love this photo of you 2! It is so cute! Looking great as always!

  2. Bruce McGrath says:

    you two clean up real good

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