We had a chance these past few weeks to help out with a Medical Benefit for one of our friends. 

When we had gotten asked it didn’t take long for us to say yes even though we really didn’t know what this would all involve. And now that the benefit is over I’m so glad that we had this opportunity. 

The morning of the benefit was spent getting ready and finishing up all the last minute items. We had such an outpouring from the community for gifts and items, we needed to make sure that we were organized on the silent auction baskets along with the live auction items and the cookie pails. The cookie pails was something that I haven’t seen before. These cookie pails were are ice cream pails filled with a variety of all different types of cookies and were being sold for $10. I bought one the night before and it’s like a little Christmas package in our refrigerator 🙂  

So this afternoon we were all just a little nervous because you just never know how this was all going to turn out. I mean will people come and then also bid on things? I said to myself early this morning that we should just go and have fun and we’ll just have to wait and see what all happens. 

And guess what happened? We had a Fantastic turnout! We live in a small community and there is something to be said about your community watching out for each other. I think almost all of our town was here along with tons of people from the neighboring towns. It was really very cool! At one time we even had all the tables full. Awesome! 

And when all the raffle items were handed out and the live auction items were bought, we cleaned up the hall and shut the doors and headed downtown. 

When I thought about how the night went, I was so grateful that I was able to help and the only words that I can think of is just how humble it makes you feel. It was a lot of work, but it’s one of those times when you know that the work was so worth it!

I sure hope that there won’t be another reason for a benefit in our community for quite some time. But if there is someone that needs help, I know that our community will pull together once again because that’s just what you do.  




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