Let’s go skating

Yesterday I officially called it that I am sick and tired of Winter! Yup, I’m done with it. 

But I don’t think I could not have picked a worse time because it’s raining and snowing today and our farm yard has turned from ice to a super ice rink! 20170109_152926_resized

When you drive in our farm yard you have to be so careful and I literally haven’t put the car in the shed for many days. I am scared that when the back of the car swings one way and then the other way that I’ll for sure be hitting something like Daryl’s truck or the garage. 

But it sounds like we might put some sand or gravel down tomorrow. Who would think I’d be so happy to see some dirt! Maybe now I can actually walk across the yard without doing the slow mans shuffle. 

With the terrible weather that we’ve been having, the wind was howling so much tonight after work when I was in the back yard the noise was incredible. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the wind so loud and the old pine trees were just bent over so much I was even worried about them possibly breaking. DSC_1048You can just see the birds in this photo above. They were trying to see if they could land someplace and all the while I was outside they never did land. I think they should land someplace like Florida or Texas where it’s warm 🙂

This is the first year that the county is trying to catch some of the snow in the fields. They took equipment and pushed types of barriers in the fields. Hey I’m all for trying anything to keep the snow off the road. I do not want to miss any days of work because of being stuck on the road. DSC_1050

And the photo of the day is one that I was trying to show just how cold it was here in Iowa these past few days. brrrrr  DSC_1046

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