Our dogs

I’ve talked before on how our dogs just hate birds, and I mean HATE birds, so when I see the Bald Eagles flying around our farm this afternoon while I was making soap, well I just knew what I had to do. 

Our dogs had to come into the house so they won’t get into trouble. 

See the last time the Bald Eagles were flying around our farm I was so mad at our dogs that they literally shook for about a week every time that I came near them. What happened was that the birds flew over our farm (God forbid!) and the dogs saw them overhead and went barking and tearing off after them. Did they look quite silly doing this? Yes. Did I think they would ever catch them? No. 

Now I don’t know if you ever seen a Bald Eagle before, but they are big, and well honestly they can fly pretty fast and very long distances.

But for some reason these birds only wanted to hang out in our neighbors field and when the dogs saw that they actually landed – well they were on a mission. And that mission was to find out just why there were these birds flying over our farm to start with and to make sure that everyone knew that they were the boss around here. 

So off they ran, and I mean ran! Barking all the way and across the fields as the birds saw them coming and took off and flew. Now at first I thought what happens if they end up miles and miles away chasing after the birds? We’ll never see the dogs again. But after going outside in the frigid cold yelling for them to come home, I honestly thought to myself that I guess we’ll just have to deal with it and went stayed inside where it was much warmer. 

Finally Kaiser came home panting and puffing and when I yelled at him so much I swear his ears hurt, into the barn he went. But I did catch him looking back to see where Reno was, and I’m guessing he wanted to warn her about how much trouble they were going to be in. 

Once I had Kaiser in the barn, eventually Reno shows up. She just knew she was in trouble and the closer she got to me, the more her head dropped to the ground as she was making here way to the barn. 

Finally with both of them in the barn, I didn’t know if I was still mad at them or if I was happy they were home. But I did know one thing that they better not be doing this again! 

So while I was making soap today and saw outside the kitchen window the eagles flying over our farm, I could feel my blood pressure rising and hurried up and got the dogs in the house before they also saw the birds. Yup, I had a much better plan for them this time around.

Well this is how they spent the afternoon, and for some reason I think they might be OK with this new plan 🙂 20170108_151517_resized

With the dogs under control, here’s a couple of photos of the soaps that I made this weekend. 

Morning Sunrise 20170107_144025and Fancy Chicks 20170108_151802_resized

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  1. tammy k. says:

    awww, sweet puppies!

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