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This weekend was filled with getting some housework done, groceries, making soap, making bath fizzys, and a whole lot of other things. 

One of the fun things that I had a chance to do was to hang out with Daryl in the field. I know – it’s Sunday Funday right? Well, when there is field work to do, there isn’t much time to do fun things off the farm so you better find some fun things to do on the farm.

So what did I do?  I brought dinner out in the field and then I spent some time riding in the cab of the tractor with Daryl. 

20161113_131241_resized He was using a disc ripper. Now what is a disc ripper? It’s a machine that breaks up the ground along with the corn stalks. (I had to ask too!)

20161113_130821_resized This isn’t something that he normally does in our fields, but with the heavy rain that we got this summer,  it made the fields so hard that he wanted to try it to see if it would break up the field a little bit. He was really happy how it turned out and now with the frost from this upcoming winter, it’ll help break up the soil even more before the fields gets planted again next spring. 


Then after a couple of rounds, I came home and started to work in the yard. It’s about time  to get the lawn stuff put away for the winter and even though it’s not a fun job, it’s a job that needs to be done. I had to laugh when I was moving the porch furniture to the shed. The dogs took just one look at what I was doing and plopped down on the couch and wouldn’t move! I think they were protesting or something. But finally I got them off of it and drug it to it’s new home for the winter. I don’t think I’m on our dogs favorite list this weekend. 

20161113_154543_resized I guess they’ll just have to spend some more time in the barn or on their beds on the porch. 

And finally at the end of the night when I was talking to Mom she mentioned that the moon was the SuperMoon tonight. When I stepped outside it was everything and more than they were making it out to be. It was so huge and bright – just plain awesome. 

We Skyped with the kids to see what they’ve been up to and it’s time now to head to bed for the night. Another batch of soap is on the heating pad and all covered up, the dogs are locked up along with the chickens, and the dryer has the last load of laundry in it for the weekend. 

Now it”s time to think about what this next week will bring and did I start a list yet? 

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