Homemade Fabric Softener

I was looking on the internet the other day and came across a homemade fabric softener DIY project. I’m always looking for new projects – so I’m in. 

The plan is to have some cloths that you reuse that will reduce the amount of static in your dryer and without a lot of chemicals.  

OK, so first things first and find an old towel that I won’t mind cutting up. This wasn’t very had to do and after checking out our towel situation, I’m thinking that we should really buy some new ones pretty soon.

While I was cutting up the towel that I chose,  I tried to make the sections somewhat close to each other and then I put them into a container. 

Next I filled the container with vinegar (yup vinegar!) so that all the cloths were soaked. I didn’t want them to be swimming in the vinegar, but to make sure that they were all wet. 

I added some lavender essential oil and also some lemon essential oil to the cloths and now to try them out. 20161022_120941_resized

Now I normally don’t use fabric softener but I do use some wool balls to dry the clothes in the dryer, but when I do sheets or a lot of socks they do stick together more than I’d like because of static electricity. 

Well now what should I wash? I decided to wash all the sheets that were covering the flowers outside. They were used not only to cover the flowers but the dogs drug them through the yard and the kitties used them to lay in the sun. Yup, good choice. 20161022_092809_resized

I wanted to do a test to see if you can smell the vinegar after the clothes were dried and guess what? I don’t think they smell like vinegar and there wasn’t any static. Win Win! 

But honestly,I’m keeping my nose close the dryer for the first couple of loads – just in case you know. 

And the photo for the night was that of the dogs laying on the porch with the Harvest Moon this week. They kept looking inside and wanting to be on the other side of the door. 20161014_184132_resized

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