Where do I begin?

Whew what a whirlwind we’ve been on. I know that I haven’t shared the pictures from our trip to Nashville yet or you haven’t seen any pictures from our towns celebration, but I think I’m going to share tonight my 5k pictures.

See every year we have a 5k in our town and I so want to run it under 30 minutes, and this year’s goal was the same. Before the race started I was doing some volunteer work for the celebration and then soon we found ourselves having to make our way down to the starting point. I noticed that everyone had sunglasses on and thought that I really should have some too! But as I looked around to see if I could find someone’s glasses to borrow, I came to realize that asking someone for their glasses is well… kinda creepy. So I beat it back to where my purse was stashed and grabbed my sunglasses. OK, now I’m good. 

Well as we were waiting I had my little iPod with Johny Cash all ready to go. Yup, I’m ready. Then all of a sudden I lost my music and when I looked down I could hardly see the screen. (remember sunglasses 🙂 ) So finally I got the music back on and was just waiting for the National Anthem. I kept one of the ear buds in my ear to make sure that I was going to mess it up again. Then as I looked who was going to sing the National Anthem, I saw it was Daryl and our two sons. OK, pretty cool right? 

Now I had to find someone who would take a picture of them. I tried to scope out someone who I wasn’t checking out earlier who had sunglasses on and finally found one our friends kids who had her phone close by. Yup, that’ll work. She was able to get a good picture of them and now it was show time. 13445644_10157029864335357_4333018726511781138_n

I had my iPod, my sunglasses, and I was working on a sassy attitude. I was ready. I was going to beat this 30 minute goal once and for all! I was even going to sacrifice if I had to throw up after it, I was going to do this.  And just to let you know – I DO NOT like to throw up! Now we were off and within the first 50 feet after I put my iPod in my pocket my music stopped. WHAT? Here with all my bouncing around (aka running) I tripped the music and it thought I wanted it to shut off. Sooooo, I slowed down, made an educated guess where ole Johnny was on the screen and hit start again. 

OK, now I’m off. But to be honest the run wasn’t so good and when I couldn’t even see the end in sight, my little iPod said “congratulations you’ve reached the 30 minute mark’. I wasn’t too fond of that device at that point and  I never did get to my goal of under 30 minutes for the 5k. But I know they’ll have another one next year so I guess it’ll stay my goal until I can beat it. 

And you know what?  I’m thinking that this running for fun stuff is kinda stressful! 

Here’s a fun picture of our family.Resized_20160617_200447

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