Spring is here

Spring is here and Summer is coming up fast and I’m finally getting around to getting the flowers planted that are needed for the flower pots and planters on our farm.

Because of life commitments these past few months, I haven’t had much time to worry about the flowers. BUT on my handy dandy monthly calendar, today is the day scheduled to not only buy the flowers, but also to get them planted. I guess I’ll have to see just how well I am able to pull this off. 

You know what? I’ve just come to realize almost everything that I do lately I say to myself ‘if I can just pull this off’ Huh… This isn’t necessarily a good thing I think. 

So after work I put gas in the truck, turned the tunes on, watched for cops (I was in a hurry) and headed to a greenhouse that is owned by a a local family. 

And did I have luck? You bet! I wasn’t sure just how many that I would need, but I knew that I needed a bunch so I just grabbed whatever looked good. Now is this the right way to do this? Probably not. But is this the way that I do it? Absolutely. And guess what –  It works just perfect for me! 

With the truck loaded down and a 50 lb. bag of mulch in the back, I headed home to get them planted. 

When I got home and the flowers unpacked I thought to myself that I just might have bought too many. Oh well, too late now right? DSC_0524

But as I was working on the planter boxes on the barn and milk house, the two water tanks that get flowers, the new flower stand I got from Mom this ChristmasDSC_0526and with a couple of plants leftover I went down to my ‘junk’ stash and found an old mop bucket to fill up and put on the outside of our front door. DSC_0525

And I had only a couple left over that I’ll bring to work with me to fill in our flower platers outside our facility. 

OK, I’m done for now planting any flowers. The only thing is to keep them all watered. It’s supposed to be really hot this weekend and I sure don’t want them to die now. I mean with it being late in the season, I took all the good ones that were left.

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