Apollo is one crazy dog!

To explain why I wrote why Apollo is so crazy is because our female dog – Reno is in heat. So for some reason this gives our male dog Apollo the go ahead to be absolutely CRAZY! What he does is he lays right beside her in the yard or he follows her absolutely everywhere she goes. When I say follow her, he looks like when they show those small fish always hanging on the sharks on the nature channel. You know, the shark moves and the fish moves almost the same time. Well he’s that close to her. And if I go outside and look at her, he’ll go and stand on top of her so I don’t pet her. Good Grief! He’s been barking at her since last week and it’s really bad when he stands by the front door and will bark and bark and bark. I about died when Daryl and I came home on Sunday and found the broom on the front porch. When I asked William about it he said it was the only way to get them to leave the porch and bark some place else! They HATE the broom. The only thing that I thought was kind of weird was when I was letting them out of the barn this morning and I had Apollo by his collar. His teeth started to chatter and at first I thought I was grabbing his collar too hard because he was making me really mad. But then latter his teeth were chattering again. I tried to find some reason on the web, but didn’t see anything. I think he was just that excited. Like I said, I sure hope we are over this soon!

The dogs actually quiet for once!

Daryl got done with corn tonight. YEA!!! He said that when he was a kid and when they got done with corn they went to town for chicken dinners. Well I had supper already started, but I’m going to remind him this weekend about going out for that supper. His next project was to get out the flail chopper and get it ready. He was working on it tonight and then took it over to the corn field to chop stocks. He quit tonight around 10 pm and he won’t have much to do to get that field finished.

Daryl working on the chopper tonight.

The weather has been getting colder and I thought that I would just let the flowers and tomatoes go if we got frost. If they died, well they had a good summer. But after I started to pick the cherry tomatoes tonight and realized that I wouldn’t get them all picked, I went and got some sheets and covered them up. I just can’t seem to let the frost kill them for some reason. I picked the rest of the regular tomatoes and some of them were still green. I’m doing the green tomatoes in the brown bag trick to get them ripe. Usually I have good intentions and then I end up giving them to the chickens. We’ll see how this year goes.

Still have more tomatoes to pick


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2 Responses to Apollo is one crazy dog!

  1. Tammy says:

    Those two dogs are like Frick and Frack! hee hee hee. So are you going to have a litter of pups in the near future? That’s funny about them being afraid of the broom – we had a dog when I was younger and if my great gram just went out on the back step, that dog would run to his pen and stand there, inside, even with the gate open! Ol’ Spick was terrified of that broom!

    I wanted to ask you, now that you have the outbuildings looking so nice, have you ever though of hanging up a quilt square on the barn? You know what I mean – one of those large painted squares in any variety of quilt square you can think of?

    Oh, and the fried chicken dinner sounds wonderful…. yum.

  2. farm2011 says:

    I’ve been asked about the barn quilts for our farm, but I don’t think that I would like one for our barn. If I did put something up I was thinking that it would be something with either our Kuehner name or the Kuehner crest. But to be honest, I don’t think that’ll get done for awhile 🙂

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