Big day today

Last night Daryl and I had to fix the pen in the barn because we knew that we were going to use it to hold the cattle. The pen wasn’t too bad, it was just a matter of getting it cleaned up and nailed back together. So today was the big day for some of our cattle. ¬†We had our local vet come out this afternoon and give a couple of our cattle shots and castrate our one bull. I laughed because Daryl came home early from work to help put the cattle into the barn but when he got home I had them in the pen for hours. He wanted to know how I was able to do it by myself and I told him that all I had to do was to open the door and they walked in. And to be honest the only trouble that I did have was that Rion wanted to keep coming in to hang out with the other cattle. Daryl thought for sure that it was going to be a battle. So when the vet came we had him give our two dogs booster shots for rabies and distemper. Then we walked to the barn. We figured that giving the cattle their shots wouldn’t be such a big deal but castrating the bull wasn’t going to be fun at all. Well it really wasn’t too bad. Once we got him cornered with a gate in the pen there wasn’t any place to go and it was all over within minutes. Tonight his mother cow is making a lot of noise outside because she’s never been separated from him before but he’s doing fine. The top door of the barn is open so she can look in and see him and maybe that will keep her a little more quiet. When I look at the picture of the two cattle below, it looks like the one has such a mean look on his face! But that is the one that was going to get castrated so maybe he knew something was up?

The pen used as a storage area

Waiting to see what was going to happen today

Daryl is up and running with his combine again. Thank goodness! He broke down last Saturday night and finally got everything fixed this afternoon. The corn is just perfect for moisture and he’s been able to haul the loads into town without drying them. This will really save some money on not having to dry it. Hopefully he’ll have good luck now for the rest of the harvest. Keep your fingers crossed!

I picked another round of cherry and garden tomatoes today. It looks like I’ll be making a batch of salsa again soon! Even though I complained about having so many tomatoes, I’m sure going to miss having fresh ones for my salads.

Fresh tomatoes

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