Hanging out in the kitchen tonight

I’m kinda pleased with myself with staying on my Christmas candy schedule for so long. OK maybe it’s only been day two of the schedule, but I’m still taking the credit for it. I mean you have to take it when you can right?

So tonight was making peanut clusters. They are so easy to make and the only bad part of them is being a little messy. So I made a triple batch and we’ll see if it’ll be enough for what I need this year. Take a look, they do look good! DSCN8418

And the photo of the day is one that I took of my Rice Krispie treats. I do make good Rice Krispie bars and honestly these were Awesome! They were the best that I’ve made for a very long time. I made them for William when he’s home this weekend. The good news is that they turned out so well and the bad news.. well that William won’t be home until this weekend! DSCN8419

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