I don’t know if you’ve ever laid in bed and listened to your dog bark,  but it can really get to you. Last night again our dogs were barking and finally at 3:15 am I got up. For some reason no one else in our whole house can hear this but me. I find that really totally weird but oh well. So I knew that the dogs were locked in the barn and by this time I thought that they had a little kitty that they were trying to bully. Well when I got to the barn there was no kitty around and nothing else either that I could see. So back to the house I went and crawled back into bed. Then this morning BARK, BARK, BARK… they were going and I went back out to see what on earth they were so upset about. I found them in the silo house with a huge raccoon on the ledge. The raccoon was  just trying to ignore them, and was going a pretty good job at it. I thought that maybe I should lock the dogs up so they wouldn’t get hurt by the raccoon, but to be honest it kept them busy and as long as I was vacuuming in the house I couldn’t hear them, so I left them go. But after awhile they stopped and the coon must have gotten away. I’m just hoping that tonight we don’t have the same thing again. 

Trying to get to the raccoon on the rafter above

Because they were up all night, they spent the rest of the day sleeping and trying to stay cool in this Indian Summer that we’re having. I’ve added a picture of Apollo and how he thinks he should stay cool. He’ll lay like this for hours in our front yard and it’s really kind of embarrassing. I don’t know about you – but it is the furthest from being cool that I’ve ever seen!

Not an attractive look when you open our front door!

I started to paint the north side of the barn this afternoon  and am hoping to get the rest painted tomorrow. It was the absolute most perfect day to paint today and tomorrows forecast is supposed to be the same. Yea for me!
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