New idea for my cherry tomatoes

My tomatoes are still going strong, especially the extra cherry tomato plants that I planted under the windmill this spring. I picked them again tonight and in the past I was always wondering what I was supposed to do with so many. But you know when you’re cooking and then you think to yourself ‘why didn’t I do this before’? Well I had one of those moments the other day. I was making salsa and I had a tray of cherry tomatoes in the refrigerator just staring at me every time I opened the door. What I’ve done with these in the past was to skin them before I used them in salsa, but in this batch I decided just to wash them and then put them in the blender just to smash them up. I didn’t skin them because their skin can be really thin and I thought it would really save me some time. You know what? It really worked well. They kind of added a paste to the mixture and I didn’t notice the skins at all in it. So when I was picking the tomatoes ┬áthis afternoon, I was thinking that this is what I’m going to do again. I’m hoping to make another batch tomorrow morning.

Tomatoes are still going strong

I also am trying a new beef jerky recipe. This one is different because after you mix it up you put it in the refrigerator overnight and then tomorrow I’ll dehydrate it. If it turns out, I’ve also got a recipe for beef sticks that I’d like to try. The only part of the beef stick recipe that I’m not too crazy about is that you have to stuff a casing. Sounds kinda gross. Now that I’ve been talking about food quite a bit, I thought I better put on the recipe tab the recipe for RoseMary bars. Some people call them 7 layer bars but we call them RoseMary bars after my Aunt. She always made them when I was a kid, ┬áso we renamed them after her. The reason that there is only 3 bars on the plate is because we’ve been eating & eating them. I just made them a couple of days ago and this is what is left.

Rose Mary bars

My sister stopped over also today to drop off my new rain barrel. Love it! It is such a waste to have to use new clean water for the garden and then have all the rain water wash away in the gutters. I don’t think I’ll put it up this year, but I know for sure next year I will. It’s sitting on our porch now and I’ll have to find a spot tomorrow to store it for the winter.

Our new rain barrel

Today was so windy that I wasn’t able to get any painting done, but it’s supposed to die down tomorrow morning so I’m hoping to paint the trim on the cattle sheds. A lot of farmers are starting to worry that with all the wind that we’ve been having that the corn is starting to go down. What that means is that when you combine the corn it won’t be standing straight up but knocked down on the ground. If this happens it takes forever to combine the corn and you can loose a lot of the ears in the field. Daryl said ours is starting to go down but he says that it’s not broken off and it still should be OK for combining it. Daryl wants to combine beans before he combines our corn but the beans are not quite fit yet and if the corn continues to go down he’ll have to switch combine heads again and start with the corn. I guess we’ll see what happens in the next couple of days.

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