This morning when I woke up I went looking for Little Kitty. She was no where around and I was wondering if the dogs ‘played’ with her and she was in the yard someplace. But after looking all around the farm and in the barn, I couldn’t find her. It’s weird that the house seems kind of quiet without her so I sure hope she’s OK.  I thought I might have heard a cat outside and when Daryl came home tonight he thought that maybe he also heard one. We looked all around but couldn’t seem to find one so maybe it was a bird or something. I really don’t want a house cat again, but it seems like we’re missing something in our house now

Then the phone rang. I looked at caller ID and it looked like a telemarketer. But after I was listening to the phone message I realized it was a call that I needed to listen to. It was Fraud Alert on Kyle’s Visa card. After talking with Kyle Monday night I knew that he was thinking of traveling during Christmas but I needed to make sure before I called them back to OK the purchase that was charged. Where Kyle has his Visa card they won’t approve large purchases before they call you to see if the card was being used by you or someone else. OK, good process but how was I going to talk with Kyle when he’s 14 hrs ahead of our time. But luckily he was on line and we were able to talk to each other to find out that he did book his flight tickets. What he’s wanted to do for sometime is to go to Rome for the Pope’s Christmas Eve Mass. So this is what he’ll be doing. He’ll be spending 9 days there and I’m sure he’ll love it! This will be the first time that we won’t be together at Christmas and I guess I’m ready for it. We were lucky to have such a good time last year and I know that this will be such a good opportunity for him. He has some friends over there that he’s also planning on visiting.  I guess we were lucky to be together all the past years and hopefully we’ll see him soon.

Then when I was driving this afternoon I couldn’t figure out what was on the road. As I got closer and then passed it, I realized that it was a turtle. I was driving when I thought that I should really turn around and save him. So I did just that. I turned around and parked the car on the side of the road. No one was coming, so I walked across the road and checked him out. I’ve seen turtles on the road before and the last time I saved one on the road I picked it up by the tail and soon found out that it was a snapping turtle. So this time I grabbed it by the shell and saw that this little guy was a painted turtle and after I picked it up, I walked it over to the grass and got him to safety. I was feeling pretty good about myself and when I was turning the car back around I was thinking that I was really a pretty good person. Yup, that was me. Savior of the road turtles. When I was driving and still smiling to myself,  I saw a squirrel sitting on the side of the road.  It could have only been 10 seconds since I saved the turtle but then the squirrel jumped right in front of me. I could only stare at what was happening and then splat! When I looked back to see if I really did hit it all I could see was half of the animal. The other half was so flat that I had no idea how I could have got him that flat. So now I’m back even again with the savior thing. I didn’t turn around to get a picture of the squirrel.

I sure hope that the weather is better tomorrow so I can paint.

Little turtle on a big road

Saved turtle for the day

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3 Responses to Emotions

  1. tammy k. says:

    bummer about the squirrel. do you have grey or red squirrels there? i think that is a once in a lifetime chance, to be in rome and at Christmas eve mass with the Pope. pretty cool. i saw JPII when he came to st. louis. awesome. sure hope little kitty turns up.

  2. Judy says:

    I know this is really random–but I vividly remember when we were milking cows as kids and you would stand in the milkhouse and pick flies out of the milk strainer so they wouldn’t drown! You haven’t changed a bit!

  3. farm2011 says:

    Good thing I saved them when I was a kid because now I really can’t stand any flies around me!

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