New Friends

After church today I called my brothers to see if we could come to their farm and pick up our new cow (Rion) that they’ve been keeping for us after the sale that I went to. They said that we should come sometime after 1:00 in the afternoon and so that was the plan. Daryl went over to his brothers and picked up the cattle trailer and off we went to their farm. I don’t know if they had him separated from the other cattle because I wasn’t over by the shed when they were loading him, but it sure didn’t take long to get him on the trailer. Now off to our place we went and pretty soon he was in the pen with our cattle. At first our cattle didn’t know what to expect, but soon they all just hung out together. I even saw our cow – No Ears show him where the water was. The dogs just stood there and looked at him but then they didn’t bother too much. I’m hoping tomorrow to get to spend sometime with him to see if I can get him a little bit tamer.

Leaving my brothers farm this afternoon

Two of our cows, No Ears & Sparky checking out the new cow

I did some mowing with our new push mower this weekend. This was NOT such a good deal on the mower. It leaked gas so much I could see it drip out while I was mowing. Daryl came over to see how it was going and told me to stop because he didn’t want the mower to catch on fire. I’ve been without a push mower for sometime and I told him that if the mower catches on fire I’ll just push it out of the way of a building and let the thing burn. My plans is to go back tomorrow to the guy who sold it to me and have a discussion. I didn’t argue with the guy on the price of the mower because he was kind of old and I felt sorry for him. I’ve got a different opinion of him today.

With today’s schedule kind of mixed up for feeding the animals, I didn’t get to the chickens right away. They all just stand in the window and watch you until you get them fed. So after they got fed,  I decided that today was the day that we were going to put Walter the one eyed rooster back in with the chickens. We took him out of the other pen on June 10th and if you remember that posting on the blog I was worried because he was also blind in one eye. I thought that maybe that mean rooster that pecked a hole in Walters head would have forgotten all about him. It’s been 3 1/2 months ago! So William caught him and put him in the chicken coop with the other chickens. This lasted less than 5 seconds! The big white rooster can running towards him, with all his feathers up around his neck and started to go crazy! So William caught Walter again and he’s back with the pheasants for tonight. But when the weather gets really cold everybody has to live together because we shut the windows up for the winter to keep them warm. I’ve got no idea what I’m going to do with these two.

Waiting to get fed

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    chicken and dumplings?

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