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The east side of the silo shed is done! It looks so good and I have come to the conclusion that it was the hardest one to paint. The reason is because in order to paint under the roof I had to climb up on the silo shed roof. Now I didn’t want to get any paint on the white tin and my paint pail is looking pretty bad, so I found a gallon milk jug and cut a whole in it to put the paint in. That way I wouldn’t drip any paint on the roof. Then up the ladder I went. I soon decided that this milk jug idea wasn’t such a good idea. It was so clumsy and I had to hold that and the brush so when I was climbing the ladder I didn’t have any hands to hold on with.  When I got to the roof I had to sit down and slide on my back in order to see what needed to get painted. I was really worried about falling off the roof so I had to put my one foot under the roof and hook it there and the other foot had to catch on the screw that was on the tin. When I was laying there I was making deals with God that no one would drive by! I very much felt that I was getting my yearly check at the Dr’s office (you know girls what I’m talking about!) It looked bad from my angle and I couldn’t imagine how bad it would have looked from the road!! But thank goodness no one drove by and then it was time to try to get back on the ladder. This was almost as hard. When I would take my foot off the roof I would start sliding off. Good grief! So by the time it was all over I was able to get it painted but what an ordeal! So I’m putting this painting project as one of the hardest to get finished.

The Silo Shed before picture

Silo Shed after picture

Daryl taking the shed apart to rebuild it

The other side of the east side of the barn

This side is done

I picked some raspberries today. I don’t know why I was thinking that I would get just tons of them this first pick of the fall but I only got a handful. I was surprised on how many bees were on them though. I took a picture of one of them because even though they are kind of scary to be around,  they are also kind of pretty close up.

Close up of a bumble bee

I still need to pick the apples that are high in the trees. I’m hoping tomorrow that I can get to them. There’s a chance of rain, but if Daryl is around he can help me.

The good apples are always on the very top branches

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